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Important changes are being made to the CDC’s foundational infection control guidance – without transparency—and the CDC is poised to weaken protections for healthcare workers and patients.

Send an email to CDC/HICPAC Leaders: We are calling on the CDC to open up the process and engage experts: release the draft updates and hold public meetings to provide health care workers, patients, and other experts with the opportunity to provide input before any vote to finalize updates.

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CDC’s Healthcare Infection Control Practices Advisory Committee (HICPAC) is in the process of proposing updates to the 2007 Isolation Precautions guidance, which will have major implications for infection control protections for workers and patients in health care settings. But the CDC has yet to make its draft updates publicly available. 

The CDC is poised to weaken protections for patients and health care workers. 

Recently, CDC/HICPAC released Work Group meeting summaries to NNU, in response to multiple requests and public pressure These documents underline that the Work Group’s goal is to weaken infection control protections for health care workers and patients while giving health care corporations more “flexibility” to prioritize costs over care. 

At a public meeting in June 2023, HICPAC’s Work Group presented a biased evidence review and an outline of their draft proposals, which would weaken existing CDC guidance and put health care workers and patients at increased risk of a wide range of infections (more details here). 

The CDC’s process lacks transparency and meaningful public input. 

CDC/HICPAC’s process lacks transparency. HICPAC’s Work Group is dominated by industry representatives and their meetings are closed to the public. The CDC says that commenting at public meetings is the best way to provide input, but they cut off public comment in August after just 14 speakers! The document release is too little, too late; we need to see the full draft.  


We demand a fair process and science-based protections for healthcare workers and patients!
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